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As Minnesotans’ have had our fair share of storms come through this summer, and with these storms we have experienced HAIL. What happens if you have hail damage and how does that affect your buying and selling experience? Or if you’re a happy homeowner and you do have hail damage what’s the process moving forward?

First inspect the exterior of the home:

  • Vinyl siding is sensitive to fast hail
  • Welts around the doors
  • Down spouts look for obvious signs of hail hits
  • Gutters look for signs of hail hits
  • Inspect the roof: Remember safety first when getting up on the roof.
    • When hail hits it compromises the granules and begins to show the underliment
  • Inspect hard metals and soft metals for hail damage
    • Note: A/C doesn’t get hit as much by hail because it’s made out of hard metal.

Always make sure you have a reputable certified contractor to come and access the hail damage! 

Next steps after you asses you have the hail damage:

  • If you’re buying or selling a home early in the offer process you’ll want to consider escrowing funds, but try to push to get he work done ahead of time that way the homeowner and their insurance company can be made whole and the buyer can get new exteriors.

Side Note:Just because you’re getting new exteriors doesn’t mean the price of the house should increase. Remember you are restoring the property to it’s original state. 

Tidbits for buyers that are actively looking at homes:

  • If you are considering buying a home in an area that has been hit by hail make sure:
    • Current homeowner has good homeowners insurance
    • Have an inspection on the hail damage that way you are not buying a house with problems.